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  • Medical entrance tests held in India.

  • For centuries medicine filed has been a progressive and ever respected filed of studies. It has a great potential in respect with remunerations and has great career impact as well.

    It is rightly said that medical field is one of the booming career opportunities for students.

    A majority of students perform in medical exams every year and therefore the convolution level has made quite tough.

    Students are required to do groundwork at optimum level if they would like to crack any medical entrance exam.

    In case, if you’d like to build your career in medical domain then you need to get updated with latest medical entrance exam information.

    We have tried to furnish all possible information about different medical entrance tests held in India.

    Candidates/Aspirants can find info such as availability of application form, exam date, conducting body, process of registration, application fee, exam pattern, admit card, result, counseling etc themselves in same regards.

    So, in case you are going to apply for any medical entrance exam, gather the best possible details regarding the same.

    Let’s have a look on the list of medical entrance exam conducted in India:  Read More...

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  • Hiring Redefined

    To build a high-rise building is a common practice but to make it earthquake proof you need to follow seismographic tests, methods and then you can make it bearable even in 5-6 Richter scale earthquake, it is same with any organization.

    When if its base is high quality human recourse then it can create a unshakable foundation for the organization over the period of time and to hire such quality professionals there are several contemporary process is involved.

    Generally this is followed by the recruitment process, the first and most important gamut of the HR department. It's all about the paradigm shift that we are experiencing today, with the traditional versus modern ways of recruitment.

    In the past, there were only limited ways of sourcing potential employees, for e.g., newspaper advertisement, internal references and through external hiring agencies, however, in the current scenario, with technological advancement, the process of hiring has broadened and changed.

    There are ways of shooting e-mails, SMSes, buying databases from phone service providing agencies; smart phone usage, social media website usage, job portals, audio-visual advertisements, etc., which have brought a new sphere in the world of scouting for talent. This helps HR manager to provide basic information of the candidates at a glance.

    Today's world is synchronized and has constant communication within its boundary but still when it comes to hiring people, many a time, the HR personal needs to apply common sense first, as every post and designation demands differently.

    In my views, sometimes a 10-15 minutes interview can make you confident about correct hiring decisions and sometimes its requires more than three sessions to close the position, there is no magic formula to ensure just right fit hire as you have to go through methodical process of testing the candidates.

    Experienced manager can quickly analyze whether the candidate's experience, education, gestures-postures coordination and communication skills are up to the mark according to the position open or not.

    Moreover, now a days recruiters are equipped with latest technological tools called the psychometrics and other ability judging tests such as Cognitive Ability Tests, Behavioral / Personality Questionnaires, Structured behavior?based Interviews, Cultural Fit and Motivation Questionnaires, Work Simulations / Assessment Centers, Leadership and Management Skills Surveys, Conflict Style Inventories, Technical Knowledge Tests, etc., which helps them come across decision related to personality and skills of the candidates, this is the second tool after the first or second round of interview to check whether the candidate is fit for the roll or not.

    In my organization the hiring process involves thorough observation along with the tests results - the coordination of work experience and skills in the related areas are important over mere education and professional degree and we closely observe the attitude of candidates like whether they are money oriented or work oriented.

    We generally hire candidates who are motivated by the kind of work we are offering.

    In my view, a common mistake that all the recruiters make is, blindly following the tests results or by hiring candidate due to nonavailability of the one who fits the roll.

    Sometimes to meet deadlines, managers compromise with the quality of the candidate and the result is that, they again land into the process of recruitment for the same position after a few months' time.

    Today, HR professionals are blessed with technology and they can approach the contemporary way of screening and scrutinizing candidates by using third party analyzers and improve their own experience with the help of hiring tools, which not only fastens the hiring process but also helps the organization in building a great foundation.

  • The "Art of Working" - A new age urge

    Jolly is a highly paid employee of an esteemed MNC, she is in the top management of the organization and has a vast profile to deal to handle, her major task includes major decisionmaking at every juncture, which may bear great impact on the revenue and profitability of the unit.

    While many may wonder, that this sounds like a usual story of a senior level employee, but "No"; please hold on to your assumption as the tale begins from here only. Jolly is a 37 year old, facing the problem of balancing between work and household chores , it's not only about work related challenges but also is also amidst social and health issues due to the de-railing of her work and body alignment.

    Same is the case with Mr. Dhiman Kapoor, a Marketing Head by profession.

    He is always dangling between given deadlines at work and spending quality time with his family; hence he is always under pressure, and the outcome? The outcome is that due to the pressures, he suffers from bouts of depression. Not only that, when you see the scenario from an employer's perspective, more the employees work under pressure, more the problem with productivity arises.

    Employees tend to be ill, or tend to go off work frequently and that causes impact on the overall working and output of the organizations

    Well, in today's dynamic world, where everything is changing at a rocket's pace, it has become essential for everybody to adapt and be at par with the change. Now the point comes here, in the effort to be adaptive and progressive in nature, it has become mandatory for every working people to spend much time on learning while earning and to be ahead or to survive in the competition it is very much needed also. At the same time, responsibility towards the society and home is also needed.

    These circumstances cause pressure of dealing with home and office together and here the balance tends to collapse. Now days, It has been widely observed that, lots of people do overtime to finish the work assigned, bigger the organization and the position - bigger is the pressure.

    As it's very well said, that "Anything in excess is poison", and hence, balance between professional and personal life is required to help employees move up the ladder in the organization.

    The role of HR becomes crucial here, as "people" are said to be great resources, and it's the duty of the HR department to see that the resources are well utilized and well cared so that they fetch the best result

    Today, many HR professional are bringing awareness of this "Art of Working" amongst the employees through soft skill and mind power training tools- techniques, workshops and seminars by either providing them directly or through third party professionals.

    Also many such management methods like "six sigma" are being adopted by organizations to delegate the work at the optimal level, which in turn helps to reduce the work pressure of employees.

    In addition, HR should be spending more time, energy and money on recreation and facilities of the employees and on their family members, which not only acts as a stress buster tool but also increases sense of belongingness too.

    The crux is, that the HR Department must create policies that are employee friendly, which can make them feel relaxed at work, allow flexibility at work and cooperation at work should be offered by the management in such a way, that the employees can get time to balance between their professional and personal life and thus, they can cherish the "Art of Working" together.

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  • “Orbital Career” is a dream destination for aspirant medical professionals and for aspirant career maker in almost all the fields of professional realm.

    We are SPOC (Single Pont of Contact) entity for the parents, students, fresh graduates to corporates and being established for our medical education related services and for our all HR related services.

    We are growing at fast pace and our networking and associations makes it possible to deliver services in less stipulated time.

    In today’s highly dynamic world, to sustain well in the marketplace advancement in technological aspects are mandatory and that path we are already following.

    With our team, by cultivating wish of being PAN and Global entity we welcome each individuals and professionals at our door step.

    From the stylus of … Mr. Ajitesh Sarangi  

    CMD and Founder
    “Orbital Career”

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